Independent CyberLight Game Studio was founded in 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine by brothers Dmytro and Stanislav Zinchenko. For now the company is developing a game about scary and exciting adventure hunting for Bigfoot!

About Us

Who and where we are?
CyberLight is an independent studio, founded in 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine. It was here, in our homeland, we proud of our small but extremely inspired team! Every day we are making a lot of small steps, that can lead our studio to huge results in the future.

We have no publishers, no sponsors, which is why we can call ourselves independent.

So we are grateful to all of you for your support and fair criticism, this is what helps our company to exist, become better and achieve even the most ambitious dreams!
  • This is our first project and it is already incredibly popular!

  • We are a small team of 4 and we was able to bring together so many people.

  • We always learn and we aren't scared of challenges and admit and correct our mistakes.

  • Our community is the best and support one another.

  • We are open for opportunities.
Why we are unique?
Our main goal to make incredible things, it's not all about games! We like to change the world around us, make it a better place to exist!

We are grateful to all players, that all this has become possible for us! That once a hobby was embodied in the work that has a massive impact on our lives.

Now we are developing and improving our first BIGFOOT project and very soon it will be released. This year was a challenge for us, we are working with a large number of bloggers and media actively creating a community. So we invite you to become an important part of our company!
Our main values
Our Partners
If you are interested in becoming a partner, please feel free to write us!